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Curator Vol. [012]: MAVIC²

In collaboration with Pr0ject_Uno, TheGraphicsPr0ject, & TheMusicPr0ject we proudly bring you 'Curator', an hour of the freshest, juiciest tunes handpicked and prepared for your enjoyment each week.

This playlist compiles tunes selected during our [03/25/18] takeover.

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Pr0ject Uno



Our hope is to furnish a dependable venue to sample novel tunes from a diverse arsenal of promising new artists. Take a load-off, kickback and enjoy an hour of tunes hand selected for your listening pleasure.

A special thank you to Miloš Prokic [] for his design & branding ingenuity, and to Leeann [ ] for her strategy & support.

Closed captioning brought to you in part by: MC Sammer


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