“Unity & Division” The Global Challenge!

What Binds Us Together? What Divides Us? How do we bridge the divides to communicate across boundaries?

These are tough questions. “Unity” is what brings us all together on IG. We all share this magical art and phenomenon of photography, bringing people together from all walks of lives and from the most distant, remote places. Help us solve the global crisis! We are divided ethnically, socially, culturally, economically, politically (just to name a few)..

Tag your submissions to:


Last date of submission February 14, 2019

Finalists will be interviewed and published online and in print in Lens Magazine.

Finalists will have work printed by Eric Kunsman, RIT/Booksmart Studio in Rochester NY and exhibited during the FirstAmendmentVoice Annual Symposium at the U.S. Constitutional Center in Philadelphia in September 2019. Other venues to be announced.

Prizes in “film” awarded to finalists from our Corporate Sponsor, Kodak! If you don’t shoot film, then you are missing out on the real deal!

Rules: All photography must be original works and available in High-Res at print resolution for reproduction.

Corporate Sponsors:

First Amendment Voice: www.firstamendmentvoice.org

Lens Magazine


Eastman Kodak Company



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Cover Photo by @heydari_hasan71

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