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Andy Grammer Challenge Winners


Andy Grammer together with the @pr0ject_uno family proudly present the winners of The Good Parts Album Collaboration Challenge! - “Smoke Clears”

@shadow.boxer - “The Good Parts”

@hakemo - “Spaceship” - “Fresh Eyes”

@adrianaduffany - “Always”

@l_ath - “Workin On It”

@fairytalesneverdie - “Civil War”

@521gemini - “Grow”


Congratulations! Your images have been chosen by Andy & his team as the best depiction of songs on his album The Good Parts!


Thank you to everyone who entered this phenomenal collaboration! The entries were amazing!!!!!

#thegoodparts #andygrammer #pr0jectuno #musical #soundcloud #digital #music #instagram #themusicpr0ject

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