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Curator Vol. [003]: Kimonoboolin

In collaboration with Pr0ject_Uno & Liyo we proudly bring you 'Curator', an hour of the freshest, juiciest tunes handpicked and prepared for your enjoyment each week.

This week's special is composed of the tangy, hearty flavors of Kimonoboolin. A Brooklyn boy, Kimonoboolin -- Also known as Yahnick Carter, is a youngin' in the industry and is looking to leverage his artistic capabilities to craft a sound and brand that are completely unique. His hour will be riddled with underground filth, unparalleled production, and more than just a sprinkle of some spice. So pour yourself a tall glass of milk, roll up your sleeves & dive in!

This playlist compiles tunes selected during our [12/21/17] takeover.

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Pr0ject Uno



Our hope is to furnish a dependable venue to sample novel tunes from a diverse arsenal of promising new artists. Take a load-off, kickback and enjoy an hour of tunes hand selected for your listening pleasure.

A special thank you to Miloš Prokic [] for his design & branding ingenuity, and to Leeann [ ] for her strategy & support.

Closed captioning brought to you in part by: MC Sammer


Closed captioning brought to you in part by: MC Sammer

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