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Artist Showcase-Alana Callahan

Pr0ject_Uno 01-10-17 Flickr Artist Showcase

“sometimes I don't know, which moment

which cool gust of wind will come,

and enchant me

tousling my hair

and my heart,

stirring...that familiar ache of poetry,

which drop will kiss

the old wrench in my soul

reminding me, all over again

I miss you better in the rain.”

― Sanober Khan

Pr0ject_Uno Presents Special Flickr Feature Artist Alana Callahan

If you would like a chance to be showcased on

Every week an artist will be selected and showcased for their incredible works on the Pr0ject_Uno YouTube channel and our website.

Pr0ject_Uno...created by artist for artists

Congratulations Alana Callahan

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