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Artist Showcase-Kjerchitecture

Pr0ject_Uno 21-05-17 Flickr Artist Showcase

“If it weren't for greed, intolerance, hate, passion and murder, you would have no works of art, no great buildings, no medical science, no Mozart, no Van Gough, no Muppets and no Louis Armstrong.”

― Jasper Fforde

Pr0ject_Uno Presents Special Flickr Feature Artists Kjerchitecture

Flickr: Kjerchitecture

If you would like a chance to be showcased on

Please join us in our Flickr group!

Every week an artist will be selected and showcased for their incredible works on our website.

Pr0ject_Uno...created by artist for artists.

Congratulations Kjerchitecture!!!!

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