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Artist showcase-Ioannis Sidiropoulos

Pr0ject_uno 08-04-2017 FLICKR ARTIST SHOWCASE “I like the darkness. There is something to the feeling of not knowing your surroundings, not seeing the color of things as they appear, but as they truly are. There is something about the unknown, the quiet, the cold. There is something unspoken about the dark, something I can never quite put words to. Something terrifying yet beautiful.” ~ Unknown.

Pr0ject_uno presents special Flickr feature artists Ioannis Sidiropoulos

Instagram: @devine1225aaa

Facebook: Ioannis Sidiropoulos

If you would like a chance to be showcased on please join Every week an artist will be selected and showcased for their incredible works on our website.

Pr0ject_uno...created by artist for artists.

Congratulations Ioannis!

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