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Pr0ject_uno Spotlight: Nikki

‘A moody interpretation of nature’ is how Nikki @521gemini describes her work. Her art is heavily influenced by a darker aesthetic, for which she garners inspiration in movies, books and other art forms around her. If you take a look at her gallery it’s astounding to learn that she captures and edits most of her shots via iPhone. More recently, she has started working with a DSLR camera and finding her own styles and techniques through Photoshop.

Nikki blazes her own trail in photography and post-production editing. ‘Make the images you want. Make it about yourself, never about others, in that way every photo, every edit is a reward’ she emphasized when asked what word of advice she could share.

In addition to building an impressive name for herself on Instagram, Nikki also holds an instrumental role within Pr0ject_uno, as the Marketing and Artistic Director. Together with founders Carol Gong and Kristina Reese she forms the reliable foundation of our photography community, ensuring team decisions are conducive to our vision and allow us to collaborate with many talented individuals, further strengthening the familial bonds of the Pr0ject_uno community. Making it become a household name for (mobile) photographers all over the world. ‘I am very honored to be part of this family’ she says.

To see more of her work, visit Nikki’s page on Instagram @521gemini and show her some love!

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