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Bringing Fashion One Step Forward

This past fall our Pr0ject Uno family took a stylish leap into the world of fashion with @theFashionPr0ject. Together with esteemed fashion & beauty photographer, Shay Kedem Calabrese & his team, our new project was created.

via: InSpades Magazine

Shay and his team, as well as our pr0ject_uno team have been creating content to bring the best in fashion to the forefront, emphasizing the works of the next upcoming top-tier photographers in high fashion & beauty. Creating new ways to educate, connect & share by hosting workshops and programs for young enthusiastic artists.

Shay & his team are a perfect fit for us! They travel around the globe, but splitting his time in Rome, Vienna & Tel Aviv. He is focused on industry mid-large scale clients & magazines including M.A.C., Bobbie Brown, H&M & Smashbox. He specializes in Hi-End fast workflows & end to end productions. Shay teaches fashion photography in establishments with his primary focus being on the next breed of photographers.

ROME FASHION TRIP '16 was his most recent workshop where he lectured & was welcomed with great enthusiasm.

We are thrilled to have Shay and his team here with us & we hope you follow us on this incredible journey as we take one foot forward into THEFASHIONPR0JECT! Submit to:

photographs by Shay Kedem Calabrese

instagram: @kedemstudio

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