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Pr0ject_Uno would like to welcome their newest addition to the community: TheFashionPrØject Led by fashion and beauty photographer, Shay Kedem, and Art Director and Pr0ject_Uno Moderator, Rebecca Weaver, this partnership is Instagram’s most stylish collaboration of beauty, fashion and art.

TheFashionPr0ject will focus on emphasizing the works of the upcoming top tier photographers in the fashion & beauty industry.

We all know the spectacular work of Weaver from her feature in the last issue of InSpades Magazine and we are excited to now share the distinctive and highly polished work of Kedem.

Kedem focuses on mid to large scale industry brands & magazines such as: M.A.C, Bobbie Brown, H&M, Smashbox and Designers. He is also a professional ambassador for 'Profoto' - the top leaders in light shaping tools and lightning equipments.

Kedem splits his time between three major locations: Rome Italy, Vienna Austria & Tel Aviv Israel; with each location representing a different type & style of work. He runs his own masterclass with lessons in fashion, portrait and commercial photography, as well as FASHIONTRIP, an initiative that takes young promising students to a whole week of on location fashion productions. This year they will traveling to Rome, Italy, with a full production group and 15 students.

The merging communities are excited for this new joint venture and entire new segment of artistic highlights. Be sure to check out our next issue for their first feature in InSpades Magazine!

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