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The World In Between

Living in rural Pennsylvania with an amazing husband and twin five-year-old daughters, Pr0ject_Uno’s moodiest moderator is anything but.

Nikki, also known as @521gemini, may appear to be the master of spook, but in reality, is a perpertual ray of sunshine. She has as many devotions as she has talents, and you may not guess her artistic weapon of choice: an iPhone.

Aside from being a Pr0ject_Uno administrator for the @themysterypr0ject and @m3xtures, a mod for @thedarkpr0ject, @sombresociety @sombrescapes, @pr0ject_uno, @pr0ject_soul, @s0mbrebw, @thegraphicspr0ject and creator of @sombrexplore, Nikki has her own page filled with striking and wondrous images, all taken and edited with her smartphone.

Her images vacillate between dreamlike and nightmarish, with shadowed figures looming against the gloom of an eerie forest, juxtaposed with close-ups of plants and flowers, sometimes reaching beyond the desaturated fog into hushed hues, dampened by droplets dripped from some dark and delicate fantasy. Images that are hauntingly stirring and unquestionably stunning.

A digital artist of the highest order, Nikki creates a world where photography and art rip through into a new and ghostly dimension. Hyper-edited, the manipulations of her images are so strong, that you cannot help but question what is real in the image and what is not. An avid user of the Mextures photo filtering and texturing app, Nikki even developed her own series of actions and parameters to create her own filtering formulas, two of which are now offered in the “Dust & Dirt Mextures Premium Pack” on the app.

Nikki has also been interviewed by @mextures and featured on the “news” section of their app for her incredible edits, and was also featured as a photographer on @mexturescollective. She has been published in N8 of Shooter Magazine and three of her images were even used as cover art on the digital versions of Michael Marshall’s trilogy series:

The Straw Men, Blood of Angels and The Lonely Dead.

Nikki works, takes care of her loved ones and attends relentlessly to her passion, she unites a multifaceted personality and extreme talent in one place. Nikki is a pillar of Pr0ject_Uno and is a holographic representation of its community, and all eyes are on the queen of sombre to see what she will thrill us with next.

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